Elizabeth Reid

Face Mask & Sunglass Chain


Introducing a special addition to the Elizabeth Reid Sock Collection. The Face Mask and Sunglass Chain. Focusing on feminine and stylish everyday staples that propel women on their daily journeys, our lightweight chains are meant to make life a little bit easier during these unprecedented times. Made from brass and plated in real 18k gold this elongated cable chain is 1mm thick, an iron paperclip chain in silver is 1.4mm thick, and an acrylic lightweight black chain is 1mm thick. All three variations are 27” length chains and come with matching lobster clasps at each end and a detachable pave cubic zirconia carabiner for glasses.

No more searching of where to put your mask when you want a quick drink or breath of fresh air. No more having to place it in your purse which doesn't feel sanitary. Slip each Lobster claw clasp around your mask loops and glasses in the carabiner, and voila, your accessories rest on your chest. (Mask and sunglasses not included)



Gold color: Brass paperclip plated in real 18K gold
Silver color: Iron paperclip plated in silver
Black color: Acrylic lightweight chain
Carabiners: Brass micro pave cubic zirconia with screw lock in silver and gold plate

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