metallic lurex collection

from materials to stitch patterns

Comfort is key!

Our proprietary silicone strip on the heel prevents slippage. And the Coolmax technology enhances moisture-wicking performance. All our socks ship in these sustainable and reusable pouches.

from colors to thread types

hand chosen yarns

You can feel the difference in our hand chosen yarns and seamless stitch patterns. Since socks are the closest product to your skin, the materials use to make them is of utmost importance.

not just sock designers

we're sock wearers too

Elizabeth began her entrepreneurial journey doing research on the expanding sock market and the need for an elevated sock-wearing experience at an approachable price point with a focus on comfort. Socks are the springboard that says you’re on your way. Dressing up starts by putting your best foot forward, Designed by Elizabeth, her socks are a chic and feminine addition to any outfit.




"15 Ways to Rock Metallic Glitz for Day: With Vogue’s roundup of the best metallic pieces to buy now, shimmering into spring just got that much eas...

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Oprah Magazine

Oprah Magazine

"Great buys under $100! These casual, comfy pieces have prep-school swagger without the stuffiness."

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