After two decades as a marketing executive building luxury brands like Valentino, MAC Cosmetics, David Yurman, and Mulberry, our founder, Elizabeth, decided to follow her dream and entrepreneurial passion to develop her own brand of luxurious socks made of the finest yarns from Italy.

Why socks? Traveling the globe for work literally gave her blisters.

Elizabeth began her entrepreneurial journey doing research on the expanding sock market and the need for an elevated sock-wearing experience at an approachable price point with a focus on comfort. Socks are the springboard that says you’re on your way. Dressing up starts by putting your best foot forward, Designed by Elizabeth, her socks are a chic and feminine addition to any outfit.

With mood-lifting dress and sportif styles unconventionality is a shoe-in with the Elizabeth Reid Collection. Each pair is specially designed for those on a different journey…because life is too interesting to stand still.